Saturday, November 17, 2007

Events of this Week

Today is going to be a lazy day. This whole weekend is, I've decided. I simply cannot be bothered to do anything this weekend. I'm exhausted (partly from MCR concert on Thursday).
The thing is, I used to have a huge social life. I used to go out every weekend. Now I just don't - I never go out. Why? I don't know. Maybe the huge pile of homework I have has got something to do with it.
I went to MCR on Thursday. Mindless Self Indulgence was supporting, and they were amazing! I absolutely loved 'Shut me up' and 'Straight to Video', but everything they did was brilliant. I think I'd have to say that they were even better than MCR (Bob and Frank were absent, so it was only Gerard, Ray and Mikey). Still, at least Mikey was there - it's good to have him back. I think I'm going to make MSI my favourite band though. They are absolutely brilliant. I think I'll go and buy their album today.
Two of my friends are excluded. It wasn't even their fault. They were accused of 'cyber bullying'. You see, Claire and Sorcha (my friends) got into an arguement on Myspace with a girl called Soraya and her friends. Soraya went and deleted all the comments she had sent them so that it would look like they were bullying her. It didn't work, and now they're all excluded, which is one good thing.
My sister's studying for her entrance exam. She wants to get into my school, and I hope she gets in. If she didn't I would be upset, as unfair as that sounds. I suppose I kind of want to keep an eye on her.
More Later x